Institute Staff

Paul Alan Cox, Ph.D. 
- Executive Director, Ethnobotany and Drug Discovery

Sandra Banack, Ph.D. 
- Senior Scientist, Ethnobotany

James Metcalf, Ph.D. 
- Senior Researcher, Cyanotoxins

James Powell, M.S. 
- Research Associate, Molecular Biology

Rachael Dunlop, Ph.D
 - Senior Research Fellow, Cell Biology

Marilyn K. Asay
 - Executive Assistant




Research Affiliates

Michael Balick, Ph.D. 
- Research Associate, Ethnobotany

John Bartelt, Ph.D. 
- Senior Scientist, Numerical Experimentation

Aspasia Chatziefthymiou, Ph.D.
- Research Associate, Microbial Ecology

Tim Downing, Ph.D
- Research Fellow, Biochemistry and Cyanobacterial Physiology

Samantha Gerlach, Ph.D. 
 - Research Associate, Pharmacology

Patrick Hunt, Ph.D. 
- Research Associate, Archeoethnobotany

Steven R. King, Ph.D.
- Research Associate, Ethnobotany

Renee Richer, Ph.D. 
 - Research Associate, Desert Ecology

Robert Speth, Ph.D. 
 - Research Associate, Pharmacology

Tatsuya Togashi, Ph.D. 
 - Research Associate, Marine Biology

Peter B. Wyatt, DPhil
 - Research Associate, Synthetic Chemistry